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 Suzhou AND Science&Technology Development Corporation

Founded in 2006

Company Profile

 Suzhou AND Science&Technology Development Corporation was founded in 2006, based in Zhangjiagang City Medical Device Industrial Park of Jiangsu Province,on the Yangtze River. In 2019, the company introduced strategic investors Sinopharm Capital, Yida Capital and Jiale Capital, with the registered capital of 89,765,700.00 RMB. AND Science&Technology is a professional manufacturer of orthopedic medical device for trauma, spine and wound care solutions. The main products include AND Kyphoplasty System, Orthopedic Internal&External Fixation System, Wound Dressing System, Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, Pulse Irrigation System and Orthopedic Surgical Power system,and have obtained domestic and international authority certification, as SFDA registration certificate, ISO13485, CE certificate, etc.

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Top 100 Global Orthopaedic Medical Device Companies

Since its establishment more than ten years ago, AND Science&Technology has shown a healthy growth in its scale, In the past ten years, its average annual growth rate of operating income has exceeded 40%. According to the"2019 China Medical Device Blue Book, the company's product market share was in the top six in domestic independent brands, ranking among the"Top 100 Global Orthopaedic Medical Device Companies!

Since its inception, the company has nurtured a corporate culture of "Advocating ethics and welfare" "Safe and Effective, Service-oriented" is the foundation of the company's products. The company attaches great importance to brand value improvement and continuously strengthens clinical training. Up to now, the company has established product clinical training bases with the top three hospitals, through the cooperation of medical and engineer, it has enhanced the hospital social influence. And designed a high-tech product that is more suitable for clinical needs, more effective in reducing the patients pain and the burden, won praise from clinical experts.

Our Vision

Being a leader in manufacturing and supplying of orthopedic medical devices in China.

Our Mission

Mission to improve the quality of life of patients by providing creative, high-quality, affordable, value-added products and services to the health care industry.

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